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Free Hill Chart Tool

How to use this Free Hill Chart Tool?

How to add new points to chart?

Double-click on the chart and enter a name for your new point in the popup

How to delete a point from the chart?

Drag the point until the end of the chart and confirm in the popup

How to change a points position?

Drag and drop with your mouse

How to save my current state?

All state is encoded in the URL. Copy the current URL or bookmark it to save your state

How to add a new version?

Click the "+" button and your latest chart is copied over. You can now edit it to represent a new state

What are Hill Charts?

Hill Charts were originally invented by Basecamp and are a way to visualize and track progress of any sort.

The idea: work is like a hill

Every piece of work has two phases. First there’s an uphill phase where you figure out your approach. You have a basic idea about the task, but you haven’t figured out what the solution is going to look like or how to solve all the unknowns.

Eventually you reach a point where there aren’t any more unsolved problems. That’s like standing at the top of the hill. You can see clearly all the way down the other side. Then the downhill phase is just about execution.


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This Free Hill Chart online tool is build by Simon Frey.

Happy to receive your feedback on this tool via an email to [email protected].

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